A deeply fruity, richly raisin-y chipotle hot sauce. Tart blueberries and ancho hit right up front and finishes with smoky chipotle, spice, and a little heat.

Ingredients: blueberry, water, apple cider vinegar, red jalapeno mash (red jalapeno, garlic, vinegar, salt), chipotle morita, ancho chili, salt, brown sugar


Pairings: Hamburgers. Game meats. Pulled Pork.  Goat Cheese.

Dietary Notes: Gluten Free. Vegan.

How long does the hot sauce last?

It’s good unopened for 2 years, and after opening 1 year.

Does the hot sauce need to be refrigerated?

Our hot sauces are all natural and preservative free, and therefore need to be stored properly. They do not require refrigeration, but need to be kept in a cool, dark place that is 72*F or less.

Merfs: Bubonic Blueberry Hot Sauce